Jujutsu Kaisen chap 233 new update!!!

Chap starts with everyone being worried about seeing Mahoraga. But Yuji is still hopeful. He says even if Mahoraga has adapted to infinity, it’s still on equal footing with Gojo. And Gojo’s wounds can be healed soon.

We then see highly stressed Shoko, who has smoked many cigars. She says Gojo’s healing speed is getting slow. He can use Reverse Cursed Technique since he used ‘RED’ a while ago, but the output is decreasing. And it should be the same for Sukuna.

The narrator says even if the opponent is the Strongest of all times, the King of Curses, everyone thought it was impossible. They thought Gojo might lose. Even Gojo himself thought so Gojo thinks when was the last time he felt like this & Toji immediately pops up in his mind.

Gojo quickly punches Mahoraga in the face & pushes it back, making Mahoraga choke. Gojo starts reciting the chants to restore his lowered output & proceeds to blast Cursed Technique Reversal ‘RED’ but…

But Sukuna regains consciousness & activates Megumi’s Rabbit Escape technique. Gojo still blasts CTR ‘RED’ but it just damages the surroundings & Mahoraga escapes. Gojo realizes that Sukuna is protecting Mahoraga & using it for offense since it adapted to infinity.

Sukuna throws a fire extinguisher toward Gojo & blasts it to make a smoke screen. While Mahoraga prepares to attack Gojo from above, Sukuna makes a posture & blasts a technique that Choso recognizes it to be Piercing Blood.

Just as Gojo defends Mahoraga, Sukuna’s attack lands on Gojo & wounds him. Gojo dodges Mahoraga & realizes that Sukuna is not just supporting Mahoraga but when it makes his infinity vanish, Sukuna will also attack. So it’s like a 2vs1 fight now.

Gojo understands the reason Sukuna started using Shikigami cuz he got more resources & Mahoraga adapted to infinity. But adjusting to ‘RED’ will take more time compared to ‘BLUE’. Sukuna interrupts Gojo’s thoughts asking not to misunderstand cuz it’s not 2vs1 but…


New Shikigami + Mahoraga & Sukuna versus Gojo Satoru. IT’S 3 vs 1!! Gojo makes fun of Sukuna saying he looks like a lost child with those two giants around.

Everyone jumps on Gojo. He evades the new Shikigami & Mahoraga’s attacks but Sukuna pops out of Gojo’s shadows & shoots water like piercing blood from Max Elephant’s ability but Gojo dodges that too.

Gojo arrives behind Mahoraga & blasts ‘RED’ at it but the damage is weak. Gojo thinks he now has only ‘that’ to demolish Mahoraga in one shot. The charge is big & Sukuna will be aware of it. But he says he got no choice but to use AN UNLIMITED HOLLOW TECHNIQUE!!

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